Solutions for the F-16 (DASH Accessories)


HUD Fixture (Ambient Light Sensor Source):

Luminance Transfer Standard:



An Ambient Light Sensor Source is built
The Luminance Transfer Standard
into the HUD Fixture and is held in front of
mounts on top of the HUD Fixture
the Ambient Light Sensor on the F-16 HUD
The Luminance Transfer Standard
The Ambient Light Sensor Source tests
confirms the accuracy of the Camera’s
the accuracy of the HUD’s Ambient Light
measurement of the brightness of the
Sensor utilizing diffused incandescent light
displays being tested
that is calibrated at both 38 Ft-L as well as
Luminance constants control the Camera’s
4000 Ft-L
measurement of brightness and updatable, as

Additional information on  the HUD Fixture

they are held in the Camera's EEPROMs

External Sync Cable:

Light Shroud:



The External Sync Cable carries a
The Light Shroud provides an
synchronizing signal from the Controller
environment void of ambient light, which
to the Stroke Generator
could affect the results of display testing
This signal synchronizes the writing cycle
The Light Shroud screws into the Optical
of the HUD (managed by the Stroke Generator)
Breadboard and unfolds to cover the Camera
with the Camera’s integration period
and the F-16 HUD
(managed by the Controller)
The articulating, “covered wagon” design
The External Sync Cable also carries a
allows the Light Shroud to be quickly and
power supply monitoring signals
easily installed when a dark testing area is needed

DASH Cable:

Accessory Cable:



The DASH Cable connects the DASH
The Accessory Cable provides power to
Controller to the DASH Camera /  Transport
the HUD Fixture, the HUD Simulator
Each 100 pin connector on the DASH
and the Luminance Transfer Standard
Cable is keyed to ensure proper insertion
The Accessory Cable runs between the
The DASH Cable connectors also feature
Transport & one of the instruments above, pulling
a quarter-turn locking mechanism, which 
power from the Controller's power supply
protects the pins during insertion and also
The Accessory Cable also carries data in the
secures the connector cover when not in use
opposite direction from the instrument's

Additional info on the DASH Cable

EEPROMs back to the Core DASH System

DASH Integration Cart:






The DASH Integration Cart is a
comprehensive solution that Spectron
developed as an option to for our customer
The DASH Integration Cart incorporates
all components of the DASH System and
also includes the F-16 HUD Integration Source 
The F-16 HUD Integration Source supplies the
HUD with power and all its necessary external

signals, which creates a stand-alone test system


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