1420 DASH Camera



    The Camera module consists of a high-quality, auto focus photo-diode matrix array camera.  It may contain one or more lenses, dependent upon a particular application.  Although the Camera is removable for replacement or repair, it is generally left permanently mounted in the Transport. 

1420 DASH Camera with 2 lens (HUD and Direct View) Configuration

    The precise control of the Camera position afforded by the Transport module, along with the factory calibrated and corrected focal plane of the photo-diode matrix detector within the Camera, allows the Camera to function as an automated theodolite.  In addition, the detector has been tested to have zero defective pixels, tested for photometric linearity, and each pixel of the detector is calibrated and corrected for dark sensitivity errors.  The Camera can be considered an “imaging microphotometer” as well as an automated theodolite.

     The photo-diode matrix detector sits in the Camera’s internal focus transport, which has 0.90” of travel and enables both manual and auto focus capabilities.  The auto focus feature of the Camera is important because the display image being tested may not actually be at infinite focus.  Most image characteristics are best quantified with the Camera automatically focused on the actual image.

     The Camera is equipped with 2 neutral density (ND) filters. The ND1 filter passes 10% of the available light to the detector and the ND2 filter passes 1% for use with extremely bright images.  Additionally, Spectron optionally supplies apertures that may be utilized to improve the performance of the 1420 DASH system for a given display image or for a particular user required measurement.  It should be noted that, if used, the location of the apertures is critical to the factory calibration factors stored in the Camera.  The utilization of user-supplied apertures at a different point along the image axis may adversely affect the optical characteristics of the image.

     During factory calibration, information for the precision linear encoder that controls the movement of the Camera focus axis, information for the spectro-radiometrics of the detector, as well as other calibration constants are stored in the Camera and transferred to the Controller upon start-up.

     Integrated into the Camera is a color filter (with three colors: red, green and blue), which allows Spectron’s DASH system to measure the color convergence and color purity of a display.

    Spectron has taken measures to thermostabalize the Camera detector, which facilitates a more consistent performance by improving repeatability.

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