1420 DASH Controller




  The Controller, pictured above, is the electronic heart of the 1420 DASH System.  It contains a micro-processor based dedicated controller, firmware, RAM memory, analog and digital sections, power amplifiers, and video and data communications capability.  Optionally, the controller may contain a Front Panel monitor or display that reflects the controller video output from the system.

    When the Controller is turned on, it will perform a self-test and download the Camera and Transport calibration information for use in system operation.

    Typically, a Controlling Computer will be used to send commands to the Controller through the RS232 or an IEEE488 bus.  The test results from the command are passed back to the controlling computer to be stored or processed in accordance with user developed test procedures.

    Manual testing can be accomplished with the 1420 DASH Main Menu Software by connecting a dumb terminal (DT) or a personal computer (PC) to the RS232 port.  When the system is initially powered by or reset, the Main Menu will be displayed on the DT or PC.  Although it is not necessary for operations, the operator will find it convenient to attach a Video Monitor and/or a Video Recorder to the RS170 connection on the Controller Back Panel if extensive manual testing is to be done.


Controller Interface (Back Panel)

1420 DASH Controller - Back Panel

Interface Connectors on 1420 DASH Controller Back Panel

    The Controller includes several interfaces that are not required for automatic testing, but in some cases may make testing easier and allow manual interactive testing.  These interfaces are:

GPIB or IEEE488 Interface (J1 on back panel)

            This enables the controlling computer to communicate with the SE1420 DASH

using Spectron Control Language Commands (Manual, SE1420 DASH Spectron Control Language Commands). 


RS232 Serial Interface (J4 on back panel)

            This interface allows two-way serial communication between the SE1420 DASH

and a dumb terminal or other RS232 device.  This serial interface is also used for

factory calibration and checkout.


RS170 CRT Output (J3 on back panel)

            This connection is a video output used to display test results and command menus

on an external monitor.


External Sync Input (J2 on back panel)

            This interface allows the operator to toggle between external and internal sync. 

This sync input can be synchronized with a vertical sync pulse from the display

system that is undergoing test.  Using this external sync function should improve the performance and consistency of analysis functions of external displays. The system can function without an external sync, but the system will not work at all if there is no external sync present and the system is in the external sync mode.



 DASH Cable

                      100 Pin J5 Connection - 1420 DASH Controller                                                      100 Pin Connector - DASH Cable

    The 100 Pin DASH Cable connects the Controller (J5 on back panel) to the Transport.  The 100 pin connector is a zero insertion force connection that is keyed to allow insertion only in the proper manner.  The cable is symmetrical and either end may be connected to the Controller or Transport.


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