1450 DASH Stroke Generator



    Spectron Engineering’s high-performance SE1450 DASH Stroke Generator (SE1450 DASH) has been designed to display very accurate cursive images on a Head Up Display (HUD).  This is a vital prerequisite to accurately and objectively measuring HUD image performance parameters.


SE1450 DASH Stroke Generator Front View

     The SE1450 DASH is designed to generate a linear ramp at the both slow and fast HUD specified writing speeds.  The linearity of the ramp defines the brightness uniformity along the length of the stroke line. A HUD specified failed writing speed can also be generated and used to test the phosphor protection circuitry of the HUD.

    The SE1450 DASH is also designed to very accurately position stroke written lines on the HUD.  Horizontal lines are positioned vertically, and vertical lines are positioned horizontally, to a 16 bit accuracy.  This 16 bit accuracy is actively calibrated through appropriate use of the ADJust Command to compensate for the loading of each individual HUD and its associated interconnections.  The accuracy of the SE1450 DASH is NIST traceable.

     The SE1450 DASH can be programmed to combine a series of user defined lines.  There are horizontal and vertical lines available in three line lengths as well as preprogrammed patterns for a crosshair and a raster patch.  The crosshair is a single control language command that combines a vertical and horizontal line intersecting on a user defined center position.  The raster patch is also a single command language call.  It combines 33 horizontal lines or 33 vertical lines with a user defined center  position and center-to-center line spacing.  The raster patch is a convenient image for Resolution, Contrast and Modulation Factor testing.  The lines, crosshairs and raster patches can be combined to form more complex test patterns.

     The SE1450 DASH has an extensive Built-In-Test (BIT), is able to communicate both RS232 and IEEE488 and is capable of diagnosing Input functionality of the necessary HUD generated signals (DU Busy and Symbol Command) as well as the other HUD required signals (modified RS170 and Symbol Mode). 








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