Solutions for the F-16


Project Specifications:

Started development in 2002

Delivered first systems in 2002

●Total of three systems delivered

Systems are currently in use in the field

Customer Requirements:
   →Utilize automation to reduce the costs of display testing by minimizing dependency on human input
   →Test precision and accuracy of the position, line width and brightness of images projected
        on the following display associated with the F-16:
         →Block 60 HUD [F-16 HUD]

Spectron's Solution:

Core DASH System:

DASH Fixturing:

→The Camera, Transport, Controller and

→The HUD Fixture  was developed to hold

Stroke Generator are the main components
the customer's Block 60 HUD
in the Core DASH System
An Optical Breadboard was developed
→The Camera is mounted in the Transport
as a base on which to mount the Camera /
→The Camera / Transport module is
Transport module and the HUD Fixture
connected to the Controller with the
The HUD Fixture is equipped with three
DASH Cable 
bushings that easily mount on corresponding
→The Core DASH System uses electronics,
bushings in the Optical Breadboard, allowing
robotics and optics to test displays
for precise positioning

Additional info on the Core DASH System

Additional info on the DASH Fixturing

DASH Self-Alignment Systems:

DASH Accessories:

The HUD Simulator mounts in the HUD

Each DASH Accessory was designed to

Fixture, in the same position as the HUD   
either complement the design of the DASH
The HUD Simulator is equipped with
System or to fulfill specific auxiliary
three collimator tubes that the Core DASH

customer requirements

System uses to determine exactly where the
HUD Fixture is holding the F-16 HUD
This form of internal metrology helps  


reduce the costs of display testing by 
minimizing dependency on human input

Additional info on the Self-Alignment Systems

 Additional info on the DASH Accessories

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