Solutions for the F-16 (DASH Fixturing)

Optical Breadboard:

HUD Fixture (Pictured Holding the HUD):



The Optical Breadboard integrates the
The HUD Fixture is designed to hold the
Core DASH System with the DASH Fixturing
 F-16 Head-Up Display (HUD)
The Camera / Transport module sits on the
The HUD Fixture mounts on the
Breadboard's three block mounts, which are
Breadboard's top via color-coded bushings
insulated to prevent ground loops
The HUD Fixture is equipped with 
The HUD Fixture mounts in specific
collimators that enable Self-Alignment of the fixture
color-coded bushings on the Breadboard
The HUD Fixture also includes an ambient    
The Breadboard is equipped with

light sensor source that offers the capability

tethered hand-screws that secure each fixture

of testing the HUD's Ambient Light Sensor

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