Solutions for the T-50,FA-50 (Core DASH System)


Transport (with Camera installed):



→Integrated w/ the Transport, the Camera
→Integrated w/ the Camera, the Transport
measures position, line width and brightness
contributes to the measurement of position.
A 1” Aperture fits over the Camera’s lens
The transport's 2 motor/disc assemblies
and allows the Camera to test the color of the
control the horizontal and vertical movement
EFI and CMFD Displays
of the camera
→The internal focus transport moves the 
The motor/disc assemblies feature a two-
camera's photo-diode matrix detector, which
motor, anti-backlash design for precise
enables manual and auto focus capabilities
angular movement

Additional information regarding the Camera

Additional information regarding the Transport


Stroke Generator:



The Controller's custom hardware and  
The Stroke Generator is designed to
firmware enables the user to send commands
display very accurate cursive images on the
 and receive feedback from the DASH system

HUD (a prerequisite for effective testing)

Commands running into and data flowing
The Stroke Generator writes at two distinct
out of the DASH system are handled by the
speeds that define the writing speeds of the HUD
Controller's RS232 and GPIB buses

The Stroke Generator also writes at an

The Controller’s firmware can be easily
extremely slow speed to test the phosphor
upgraded thru the capabilities of EPROMs
protection circuitry of the HUD

Additional information regarding the Controller

Additional info regarding the Stroke Generator

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