Solutions for the T-50, FA-50 (DASH Fixturing)

Optical Breadboard with Single Axis Xport:

HUD Fixture:



The Optical Breadboard integrates the
The HUD Fixture is designed to hold the
Core DASH System with the DASH Fixturing
 T-50 Head-Up Display (HUD)
The Core DASH System sits on the
The HUD Fixture mounts on the
Breadboard's single axis transport, which
Breadboard's top via color-coded bushings
allows for a variation in the distance from display
The HUD Fixture is equipped with 
Each DASH Fixture mounts in specific
collimators that enable Self-Alignment of the fixture
color-coded bushings on the Breadboard
The HUD Fixture also includes an ambient    
The Breadboard is equipped with

light sensor source that offers the capability

tethered hand-screws that secure each fixture

of testing the HUD's Ambient Light Sensor

CMFD Fixture:

EFI Fixture:




The CMFD Fixture mounts on the Optical
The EFI Fixture mounts on the Optical
Breadboard's bushings and is secured by the
Breadboard's bushings and is secured by the
Breadboard's three clamping knobs
Breadboard's three clamping knobs
The CMFD Display mounts on the CMFD
The EFI Fixture features a hinged,

Fixture's alignment pin and is secured by

clamping system that opens to receive the
EFI Display and then closes to secure the

Test Cart:






The Test Cart integrates the entire DASH  
System and enables mobilization with its
locking caster wheels
The Controller and the Stroke Generator
are bolted into the Test Cart shelves
The Optical Breadboard, which is the
foundation for the Core DASH System and
the DASH Fixturing, is bolted to the top of
the Test Cart

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