Solutions for the T-50, FA-50 (DASH Self-Alignment Systems)


HUD Simulator:

Luminance Transfer Standard:



The HUD Simulator mounts in the exact same
The Luminance Transfer Standard
position as the T-50 HUD in the HUD Fixture
mounts on top of the HUD Fixture
The HUD Simulator has a NIST traceable
The Luminance Transfer Standard
boresight calibration that aligns the T-50 HUD
confirms the accuracy of the Cameraís
with the bore of the gun on the aircraft
measurement of the brightness of the
The HUD Simulatorís lightening holes (in
displays being tested
front) and ballast (in back) place its center of   
Luminance constants control the Cameraís
mass between its mounting points, as
measurement of brightness and are updatable,
required by the boresight calibration procedure  
as they are held in the Camera's EEPROMs

HUD Fixture (Self-Alignment Collimators):




Four reference collimators are built into the
HUD Fixture and function as an alignment tool
The collimators allow the Core DASH
System to determine exactly where the HUD
Fixture is holding the HUD
The HUD Simulator's boresight
calibration is transferred to the reference
collimators in the HUD Fixture

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